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A bright white smile is not only a confidence booster for ourselves, but it also influences the way other people think about us.  Studies have confirmed what we’ve always suspected – people with straight white teeth are perceived as being more successful and smarter.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is when a bleaching agent is used to lighten the color of teeth.  Natural teeth colors vary from off-white to yellower shades.  Some factors influencing tooth color includes surface stains from lifestyle factors (smoking, coffee, red wine), age, poor oral hygiene, some medicines (eg tetracycline), dental problems (tooth decay, thin enamel, calculus, old fillings), and excessive fluoride.

Tooth discoloration by surface stains or age usually respond best to whitening attempts.

If you express an interest in Zoom teeth whitening, we will go through your medical and dental history and will also examine your teeth in order to try and determine the reason for the discoloration and decide on the best method of whitening to attempt.  If you have any tooth decay or gum disease, we would advise that this be treated first.

Most whitening treatments last from one to three years and can be reapplied in this time, however, depending on individual factors such as smoking, diet and oral hygiene, sometimes the results may only last for a few months.  If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment, please discuss them with us before we begin the treatment.

The different types of whitening we offer are:

  • In-chair: we use a high intensity light on the bleaching gel applied to your teeth to speed up the whitening process. This usually takes about 1.5 hours for a single session.  Sometimes multiple sessions may be required to get to your preferred shade.
  • At home: we take a mould of your teeth and make a custom tray and give you tubes of bleaching gel and instructions. You can then wear the tray with the whitening agent in it at home.  Usually you will need to use it for two to four weeks, but we will advice you of exact times after we assess you individually.
  • Internal bleaching: this is for previously root treated teeth that have turned dark. We will drill a small hole into the back of the tooth, remove some of the filling material from the canal space and insert the bleaching product.  We will then close the hole with a temporary filling.  We will ask you to return after one week to get the agent removed.  The procedure may need to be repeated to get to the desired shade.  When the treatment is complete, the agent is removed and a permanent filling is used to seal the tooth up again.

Internal bleaching is different to other whitening treatments because it works from the inside out unlike other whitening treatments that work only on the outside layers of the tooth.

Excellent oral hygiene and regular professional visits and occasional bleaching will keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Over the counter kits are cheaper than professional bleaching however, please be aware that many of them contain acids that can dissolve tooth enamel.  Unsupervised, long term, repeated use of such kits may cause permanent and irreparable damage to teeth.  Please follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully and come see us if you notice any side effects from over the counter whitening products.

The safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is under the supervision of your dental professional who can assess your overall health and understands your teeth.  For example, if you have sensitive teeth, we may recommend a more gentle formulation or a specific type of whitening that is likely to result in minimum sensitivity.

For more information about Zoom Teeth Whitening or you want to schedule a consultation, call us today on 02 8084 7242.

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