Dental Crowns And Bridges

Artificial crowns or tooth caps are fitted over a tooth that is chipped, broken or weakened and serves to strengthen the tooth and increase it’s longevity.

A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth and consists of an artificial tooth anchored to adjacent natural teeth.

You will need at least two appointments, as we need to prepare your teeth and take impressions of them, and then send the impressions off to the lab for the crown or bridge to be made.  In the meantime, we will put a temporary crown or bridge on your prepared tooth to protect it.  When the crown or bridge is sent back from the lab, we can fit it onto your prepared tooth.

Once fitted, the crown or bridge should feel completely comfortable and natural in your mouth and should last for many years, however, factors such as your oral hygiene and oral health will affect exactly how long they last.  We will show you how to clean your crown and bridge properly in order to ensure they last for as long as they can.

Some complications could include the tooth breaking during preparation, infection of the pulp or gums, pain or discomfort, altered feeling, or allergic reactions.  There may be some tenderness in the area due to the preparation but this should not last more than two days, if it does, please come and see us so we can investigate further.  If the size of the tooth is altered even slightly, it can change the way you bite and may lead to an uncomfortable feeling or pain.  If you notice any of this, please call us and speak to us further.

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