Restorative Dentistry

At Homebush Dental Practice we use tooth coloured restorative materials to replace any lost tooth structure and restore function to your teeth.

For small cracks or fractures we can undertake a bonded restorative procedure which has the potential to mask the small deficiencies in the teeth.

For larger restorations and when there is a cavitation caused by tooth decay, we will clean out the decay and restore the tooth in a material called composite resin.  This has the advantage of looking almost indistinguishable from natural tooth structure when it is expertly matched by the dentists to your teeth.

In the case of teeth where most of the tooth structure has been lost and replaced by restorative materials our dentists may suggest that you may need a crown placed on this tooth.  A crown is basically a protective helmet for your tooth that will make it more resilient to the forces of biting and also form an impervious layer that oral bacteria cannot penetrate, thus preventing further tooth decay on the tooth.

Sometimes, if the tooth decay is very extensive and has reached the pulp, or the nerve, of the tooth, it is necessary to undertake a root canal procedure.  This is when we clean out the pulp from all of the root canals of the tooth, and replace them with a filling material that will prevent bacteria from travelling down and reinfect the tooth.

If you have lost some or all of your teeth in the past, we can assist you by making you dentures in order to restore function so that you can talk and eat as though you still have your teeth.

We do the following Restorative dental services at our practice:

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