Splint / Night Guard for Bruxism

Bruxism is the excessive clenching or grinding of teeth that is not part of the normal movement associated with function.  Unfortunately, if the excessive movement occurs during sleep, then there is no conscious control of the action.  As such, we may recommend a night guard if we feel your teeth and muscles are being negatively affected by bruxism.

If you feel that you may clench or grind at night, please discuss this with us so we can determine if a night guard is required.  A night guard, or occlusal splint, is made from moulded hard plastic that is made specifically for your teeth and can be worn at night to prevent further damage to your teeth and fillings.

Complications resulting from teeth grinding

  • Cracked tooth enamel
  • Excessive wear and tear on teeth
  • Broken teeth or existing restorations
  • Strain on the joints and soft tissues of jaw joint

Symptoms of teeth grinding

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Headache, jaw pain or ear pain
  • Clenching the jaw when angry or anxious
  • Cracked or chipped tooth enamel

Common causes of teeth grinding

  • Emotional stress from work of from personal life
  • Physical stress such as illness, nutritional deficiency
  • Incorrect tooth alignment
  • Eruption of teeth in children

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