Preventive Dentistry Services

At Homebush Dental Practice we aim to halt and reverse any problems in your teeth or gums to prevent them from becoming a major issue.  Most problems to do with tooth decay and gum disease can be stopped and reversed if we get to it early enough. This is why we advocate preventive dentistry and regular check-ups with our friendly and gentle dentists.

Even if you teeth appear to be clean and you are not aware of any problems, we still recommend that you visit us every six months for a thorough check up (including x-rays if required) and professional cleaning and prophylactic treatment.  This will ensure that any early decay or gum disease is identified and measures can be taken to control the situation and treat it early.

In addition to regular check-ups, ensure that you clean your teeth thoroughly at home on a daily basis, please ask our friendly dentists for tips, hints and a demo on cleaning your teeth that is tailor made for you.  We are such strong advocates of preventive treatment, that we will do check-ups and cleans gap free if you have private health insurance.  This includes a comprehensive oral examination and charting, intra oral x-rays, ultrasonic scaling and prophylaxis and an application of fluoride.

We do the following preventive dental services at our practice:

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