Partial & Full Dentures

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, dentures are a great option to either fill in the gaps or create a brand new smile. Unfortunately, factors such as periodontal (gum) disease, trauma or tooth decay can mean your existing teeth need to be extracted or, over time, have fallen out. This results in a loss of oral function, including speech, chewing and overall facial structure deterioration. Dentures act as false teeth, giving you back your functionality and allowing you to regain confidence in your appearance. Made out of either metal or acrylic, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each choice at your initial consultation.


Full Dentures

Full dentures replace your entire set of natural teeth. Once the teeth have all been lost or extracted, an ‘immediate denture’ is fitted as a short-term solution. These are basically generic false teeth so that you can resume normal activities right away and allow your gums to recover from the extractions. Our dentists will then craft your permanent dentures based on your mouth’s unique shape and specifications. Once your mouth is completely healed, the new dentures will be fitted. You’ll love your new smile and will get back effective oral functionality quickly.

Partial Dentures

Just like the name implies, a partial denture replaces just one or more missing teeth while the rest of your natural teeth are still in place. The denture is usually attached to a base, made of plastic or metal, and holds the denture in the correct location. Partial dentures are removable and are a great option if you’re missing a tooth or two.


This is a fairly simple and economical procedure. Dentures are held securely in place using implants into the jaw line. Your dentures will be comfortable, secure and act just like natural teeth.

The biggest advantages to overdentures include:

  • Never use denture adhesives, powders or pastes again.
  • A marked improvement in your ability to chew normally and enjoy all types of food.
  • Superior support to your jaw line, which helps maintain your natural facial structure.

Denture Care

Just because you have dentures, you still need to maintain routine hygiene practices. We recommend you brush your tongue, palate and gums before inserting your dentures. Clean them after each meal to remove all debris and again at night using a denture cleaning solution. When cleaning or removing your dentures, ensure you do so over a towel or other soft surface to avoid damage if it falls.

Emergency Denture Repair

Over time, your dentures may be damaged, feel loose or uncomfortable or cause pain in your gums. We recommend you never try to fix or adjust your dentures at home. Always seek our professional assistance so we can fix it properly and ensure your dentures get back into mint condition. Simply call Homebush Dental 24 hours a day for immediate assistance.

Getting dentures can be a daunting step, but rest assured our dentists will explain each step along the way. It’ll take time to adjust to your new dentures, with excess saliva and discomfort being some common initial side effects, however they will soon feel natural and comfortable – and you’ll enjoy your brand new, bright smile. Call Sydney’s denture experts at Homebush Dental today on 02 8084 7242.

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