Fluoride is a natural substance that is found in food, water and plants.  It is added to toothpaste and tap water in order to strengthen teeth and prevent the formation of decay.  Tooth decay is a result of acid attack on teeth, and fluoride will help repair any damage before it becomes serious.

A constant source of low level fluoride is best for this, this is why we recommend you drink tap water as it contains low level fluoride. By this the families can save money on dental  treatments such as fillings, it also means less time away from school and work because of tootache and other dental treatments.

At Homebush Dental Practice, we will also apply some fluoride foam to your teeth at your regular cleans.  The foam contains a moderate amount of fluoride and regular applications of it will help further strengthen your teeth.

If there is a certain area where we feel there is excessive remineralisation or enamel loss, we will apply a higher concentration of fluoride in the form of a fluoride varnish onto those areas.

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