Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth has undergone trauma, is dying, abscessed or breaking apart, Homebush Dental’s expert team is ready to help. As dentists, our priority is saving the natural tooth wherever possible, and endodontic therapy, known as a root canal, is an effective way to remove the infected or inflamed pulp while retaining your tooth – and your smile. If a tooth has damaged nerve tissue, not only will the pain intensify but your whole oral health will be compromised. It’s not something that should be avoided or put off. Often, an abscess may form at the root, causing extreme pain.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the process of removing the dead, infected or abscessed tissues inside the tooth’s root canals. At the root of every tooth is a pulp-filled cavity, or canal, and it is this area that is cleared out and filled with an inert material. Generally, a root canal involves the following:

  1. At the initial consultation, x-rays will be taken to determine the scope of the root canal procedure. The dentist will discuss any concerns you have at this time.
  2. A local aesthetic is applied to the area to ensure no pain is experienced during the procedure.
  3. The dentist will then remove the infected pulp and diseased tissues inside the root’s canal. A filler is put in to replace the pulp to avoid reinfection.
  4. At your next appointment, we’ll ensure the tooth is now healthy and restore the tooth with a crown or filling.

Advantages of a Root Canal:

  • A pain-free tooth soon after the procedure
  • Normal biting, chewing and tooth sensation
  • Retain your tooth to keep your natural smile
  • No pricey false teeth implantation required
Root Canal Treatment Homebush

Post Treatment Care

Make sure you follow some basic steps to take care of your treated tooth. You may feel numb for several hours after treatment, so take care when drinking or eating. Use pain killers and antibiotics (if required) as prescribed by our dentist. Until the permanent crown has been fitted, avoid hard or sticky foods and maintain a regular oral hygiene routine.

At Homebush Dental, our experienced dentistry team are always happy to answer your questions and ensure your complete comfort before, during and after treatment. Call us today on 02 8084 7242 to schedule your consultation.




What does a root canal cost?

This is entirely dependent on the number of roots and the subsequent complexity of the procedure. Our dentists will be able to discuss the exact cost associated with the root canal during your initial consultation.

How long will the root canal tooth last?

With proper oral hygiene practice, a tooth that has undergone a root canal can last for as long as normal teeth.

How long does a root canal take?

In general, you will need 2 or 3 appointments for a root canal. Allow roughly 1 hour per appointment.

Will a root canal hurt?

Just like with all dental procedures, our dentists will use a local anesthetic to completely numb your mouth, ensuring comfort throughout the procedure.  We can discuss sedation for patients with dental anxiety if needed.

Should I get a tooth extraction or root canal?

Where possible, saving a tooth from extraction is our preferred course of action. Removing a tooth will leave a gap which can be frustrating for clients in the long term. Tooth extractions are less expensive, although replacing with a false tooth can be expensive too. A root canal allows you to keep your natural teeth – without pain. Discuss your options with our Homebush dentists for their expert advice.

What other treatments will I need after a root canal?

In order to protect the tooth long term, a crown will be placed over the root canalled tooth after the root canal procedure. Your teeth enamel will be protected and the likelihood of fractures will decrease.

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